Westone is the Best Tone

Within the new Westone W-Series range, you will find a pair of in-ear headphones for the simplest to the most extreme audio task. The range includes the entry-level Westone W10, as well as the Westone W20, Westone W30, Westone W40, Westone W50 and ending with their high-spec edition, the Westone W60 in-ear headphones.

Enjoy your music for hours on end with Westone’s True-Fit Technology, providing the user with maximum comfort and low profile, lightweight universal earpieces that deliver a pleasant fit while delivering a dynamic sound.

Built to last, W-Series in-ear headphones all come with handy replaceable cables. You can also choose between the braided EPIC cable and a round MFI cable with 3-button function control and microphone that allows answering calls as well as volume up and down keys.

Giving you the ability to not only change the style of cable, the Westone W-Series in-ear headphones also allow you to change the faceplates! Choose between different colours, including black, blue and red faceplates that all come with a supreme fit and secure attachment. For the premiere editions, the Westone W50 and Westone W60, come with a choice of metallic red, gunmetal and gold faceplates.


Westone W10 – RRP $259westone_adventure_series_large

Westone W20 – RRP $359

Westone W30 – RRP $469

Westone W40 – RRP $599

Westone W50 – RRP $899

Westone W60 – RRP $1,199