Corded and Cordless Combo

The idea stemmed from an observation that home owners love the uninterrupted power of mains electricity but can often be limited by the length of their power cord. The Ryobi ONE+ Hybrid Line Trimmer allows users to take on any task no matter how heavy as well as providing the freedom to go the extra distance under pure battery power.

Ryobi has launched what they say is the world’s first Hybrid Line Trimmer, giving users unlimited power for all gardening needs.

A finalist in the 2014 Good Design Awards, Ryobi’s ONE+ Hybrid Line Trimmer features an innovative dual commutator AC/DC motor providing the choice for corded or cordless power.

Line trimmers are one of the essential and most versatile tools in a gardener’s shed due to their ability to create a neat finish to a freshly mowed lawn, or to easily trim the hard to reach areas around trees, along garden edges or beneath hedges. The dual power option ensures endless power by providing the flexibility of either mains electricity or 18V battery.

The ONE+ Hybrid Line Trimmer kit includes an 18V battery which is part of our unique Ryobi ONE+ system which means that one battery can be interchanged to power over 40 different products across the range, The telescopic shaft feature allows the ONE+ Hybrid Line Trimmer to easily be adjusted to accommodate various height options and the soft grip handle ensures that gardening can be done for extended periods of time without hands growing tired.

RRP: $199 or visit your nearest Bunnings.