Ding Dong: (Sledge)Hammer Time!

First there was Thor’s Hammer, then King Arthur’s Excalibur, now – we enter the age of the Ding Dong. Gerber, producers of world-leading multi-tools, axes, handsaws, machetes and other outdoor equipment, has released its pride and joy in Australia – the ultimate impact tool – the Ding Dong.

As its name suggests, the Ding Dong is the perfect, lightweight tool for getting through doors quickly. It’s a sledgehammer, ram and pry bar combined into one sturdy, unbreakable piece of intimidating equipment. It has uses for law enforcement and military personnel and load of applications for the every-day citizen in need of a mighty sledge hammer with serious impact.

The Ding Dong’s hammerhead features machined cross-hatching that effectively bites into surfaces, minimising slip and maximising impact.  While the opposite end features a forged pry bar for deconstruction projects and demolition work.

Built in Gerber’s homeland of Portland, Oregon, the Ding Dong is fitted with a reinforced fiberglass handle with moulded rings to create a mechanical stop for operator’s hands. Measuring 68cm in height and weighing just 5.55kg, the Ding Dong is compact enough to take with you on the move but big enough to produce huge power for effective use.

Gerber Ding Dong RRP: $699 AUD

To get your hands on one head to Platypus Outdoors Group:  www.platatac.com.

gerber ding dong