Slides Like a Glove

Two years ago WORX introduced the SD Driver, the first fully loaded automatic screwdriver, which changed between bits with a simple pull of a slide. Now, the SD Driver has been reloaded with a brand new game-changing capability.

This new multi-bit Screwdriver now comes with a revolutionary screw holding clamp, alleviating the need for two hands to hold on a screw and fasten it. Now you’ve got a free hand to assist in securing the job or a getting a good hand-hold when working in hard to reach places. The SD Drivers screw holder will also automatically clamp onto any screw as you start the unscrewing process.

Although the WORX SD driver only weighs a mere half a kilogram, its power isn’t compromised. Packing 3 newton-metres of punch, the driver is powered by a lithium-ion battery which offers high performance without the effects of self-discharging or memory impressions.

To help negotiate tricky hard-to-reach applications, the WORX SD Driver has an in-built LED light to guide the way, plus an additional 6 bit fully loaded cartridge and belt holster.

WORX power tools are renowned for being on the frontline of innovation in the DIY game and the new WX255.1 SD Driver only furthers that fact. This handy little gadget will forever change the way you operate the screwdriver driver from now on.


SD Screwdriver – WX255.1 – RRP: $69.95