Hey Douchebag! Carry Your Skis With This!

With a name like Douchebag, this Swedish luggage brand already has your attention. The passion project of a Swedish pro skier, 2 Norwegian engineers and 150 skiers, boarders, surfer, designers and luggage handlers, the Douchebag is the ultimate travel bag for skiers, snowboarders and surfers. And now they have lifted the game again with The Douchebag 2.0.

The Good

The Douchebag was created with passionate snow fiends in mind, designed to accommodate to variable ski lengths without the issue of sagging that most other ski bags have. It uses a length adjustment system to adapt to your ski length without having an excess of hanging bag up the top. It is able to easily fit two pairs of skis safely, or one pair and some of your extra gear that won’t fit in your suitcase, including boots!

It uses a ‘rib cage system’, based off the human rib cage to keep your gear safe from knocks and drops. But one of the favourite features of The Douchebag is the shoulder strap system, which allows you to tow the bag behind you keeping your hands free to carry your other gear. It also comes with a Hookup system, which fully integrates The Hugger with The Douchebag, turning the two products into one single unit.

The Bad

Unfortunately The Douchebag has a limited colour range: totally black except for the details, which come in white, red or green.

The Bottom Line

In short, The Douchebag 2.0 is potentially the best ski and surf bag on the planet. It takes every flaw in the traditional ski bag and has fixed it. And its easy manoeuvrability and ability to attach other suitcases makes travelling with the Douchebag a breeze.

Still wondering why girls always hook up with a douchebag?

A Little Extra

The Douchebags team has put a lot of effort into creating a truly innovative and outstanding product, and will continue in their dedication to making skiing life more convenient and satisfying. The Douchebags concept was born during a beautiful week of glacier skiing and epic surfing on the western coast of Norway in 2009, and the company goal is to continue having fun while creating outstanding products. For ISPO 2012, Douchebags is a BrandNew finalist for “Best Innovation” in the sporting goods industry.