Pack-It Like a Pro

Everyone knows the sensation of trying to cram in as much as possible into their suitcase and then having the dreaded realisation it’s just not going to fit. Eagle Creek’s new Pack-It Cubes gives those familiar feelings the flick and makes saving space and organising your bag a breeze.

The Pack-It Cubes have an updated, modern design and come with a mesh top for both visibility and breathability. Made for the smart traveller, the two way zippered opening allows for maximum compression for when you need to squeeze a lot into a little.

Eagle Creek’s super versatile. The larger Cubes (21L) can be used to roll and compress pants, jumpers and shirts, while the smaller sizes (1.2L) are great for undies, socks, belts and electronic chords. And don’t worry about slinging them over your shoulder, the quick grab handle allows you to pick up and go easily.

These innovative pieces of lightweight luggage also allow you to separate between his and hers with internal dividers. Or for those flying solo, do yourself a favour and keep your dirty clothes away from your clean ones.

Just in case you get a bit down and dirty, Eagle Creek have made the Cubes completely washable, so you don’t have to worry about the stinky luggage ever again. The Cubes are available in a wide range of colours, take your pick from black, blue sea, red fire and earth green.