Repurposed Skateboards Make for Stunning Guitars

Prisma Guitars are built entirely out of old skateboard decks. With slick colour combinations, high quality craftsmanship and a sound to rival the industry’s top brands, it goes without question that each Prisma guitar is equally worthy of a wall mount or in the hands of a serious shredder.

Floating Record Vertical Turntable

Music is one of the great joys of life and music fans can’t deny that it simply sounds better coming from vinyl. There is something about a vinyl record player that elevates not only the sound of the music but the feeling in the room that can’t be replicated on digital. Which is why this Kickstarter project immediately caught our eye.

Music in Your Ears

Rather than just improving how you listen to music, Aivvy have decided to reinvent the whole experience with Aivvy Q — the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) smart headphones, featuring over 40 million songs streamed directly to your ears.

OWOW Instruments Will Certainly ‘WOW’ You

OWOW was founded when digital music producer, Pieter-Jan Pieters, was rejected from music school due to his inability to read traditional sheet music. So, like any good entrepreneur faced with adversity, he took action and enrolled in design school instead. Now he has produced a completely new breed of musical instruments that everyone can play, and they’re absolutely mind-blowing.


The Alpaca Guitar Sings in the Outdoors

The Alpaca guitar is the go-anywhere traveller’s guitar. Made with carbon-fibre to make it water proof and basically indestructible, it is the ultimate campfire guitar so you can leave your trusty semi-acoustic at home – out of harm’s way.