Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Launch Trailer

It’s quite rare for a video game to have a lasting impression on the lives of so many gamers like Halo 2 has. The iconic shooter revolutionsied the FPS genre and is a landmark for online gaming. And even after 10 years it remains as a favourite for Halo fans.


Kicking Ass and Tolkien Names

For years, fans of the Lord of the Rings books and films have been clamoring for a decent video game that takes them into Tolkien’s fantasy world. And now they finally have an answer in Shadow of Mordor, which takes you behind enemy lines in one of the best action games of the year.


Choose Your Own Destiny

No MMO is perfect on day one, but with all the hype and excitment surrounding the release of Destiny we couldn’t resist diving into the expansive world from the creators of the Halo series. Playing along side with your friends in a massive world seems like reason enough to pick it now, but is the online experience worth your money?

GTA V Gets a Facelift

Ever since its release last year, gamer’s have been clamoring for an updated version of the hottest game of 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5. And now their prays have been answered, as Rockstar get ready to release their award winning game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the new trailer!

ViewSonic Goes Frameless

Words like picture quality, screen size and value for money are all synonymous with global computing and consumer electronics brand ViewSonic. And with the new release of their 23-inch LED monitor, you can see why they are in the upper echelon of the computing scene.


Play Like the Pros with Logitech

Most people wouldn’t consider a computer’s mouse to be the flashiest or defining element of your setup. But for a gamer, the right mouse can be the difference between winning big and falling short.


The Wolf is Off the Leash

Set in a world where well known fairy tale characters have merged with real life, The Wolf Among Us takes you into the underbelly of Fabletown, where every decision you make changes your path. All 5 chapters of this murder mystery are now available for you to explore and uncover the underlying conspiracy.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective set in a futuristic Chicago. In the game, players take control of Aiden Pearce, a vigilante who can hack into various electronic devices tied to the city’s central operating system (ctOS), allowing various methods for the player to solve numerous objectives.