Essential Elements Bellroy Phone Pocket

Bellroy, the lords of leather, have been at the drawing board yet again to develop an all-in-one pocket for stashing your essentials before hitting the streets.

The Good

Developed for those who like to have their goods, including phone, cards, keys and cash in one safe spot.  The Elements Phone Pocket has been constructed with Bellroy’s special all-weather leather, meaning that your possessions will stay dry and protected, keeping out rain, snow and grit.

The internal design has been laid out with specific sections to keep your goods organised in a compact fashion that can hold up to eight cards, keys, a good sized wad of cash and of course your phone.

One of the other key benefits of Bellroy’s Elements Pocket is that it removes the need for a bulky phone case to protect your phone. This conclusion came from several “accidental” drop tests, where the Elements Pocket was dropped from multiple heights, resulting in no damage to the phone inside (PHEW!).

The Bad

One of the very few issues was that not all shorts or pants accommodate for a larger pocket or wallet. At times the Elements Phone Pocket felt as if it would fall out of the pocket, or that someone with zero dexterity could pick-pocket the Bellroy Pocket with ease.

At this stage the Pocket has only been developed for phone of a maximum size of 155mm x 92mm (same dimensions as an iPhone 6). Which means if you’ve got any other make or model bigger, then unfortunately you’re out of luck. Thankfully, word on the street is that the designers have been working overtime to develop some new models to accommodate other phones, and they’ll be coming to market in early 2015.

The Bottom Line

If you’re an iPhone user and like having all your eggs in one organised and fashionable basket, then the Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket is for you. It also solves a bunch of major issues including storage, weather protection and style, in one cool pocket.

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