From Streets to Stools

Skaters know all to well the pain of throwing away an old, broken deck. It seems like such a waste to just throw them away. Well a group of talented skaters and carpenters had the same thought and deckstool was born.

Usually destined for the landfill, the team from deckstool recycle broken skateboards to make stools, chairs, wall hooks, frames, clocks and keychains. Using real skateboards ripped and recycled in the USA, all of the products make for awesome furniture and home accessories with the street art style that has built the ideas of modern skate design.

The scrapes, scars, and graffiti on the used decks create beautiful patterns over the original skateboard artwork. All of our products are built and finished by skater/craftsman in the USA. Modern woodworking techniques are used to create precision parts and skilled craftsman finish and assemble with an artist’s touch. Superior workmanship, design, and quality is guaranteed.

Partnering with skate shops and parks for recycling, they also in turn help raise funds for their cause, with the money generated by recycling going towards local skate projects, charities or to help back their small businesses.