Keeping the Printing Press Alive

The man with ink running through his veins, Wayne Davis of Artisan Press, explains how he makes his form of magic.

Here at The Great Manifest, we love nothing more than seeing someone absolutely kill it in their chosen field. Whether it’s Slater getting spat out of a mutant barrel at Teahupoo, Hendrix slaying a 6 minute solo at Woodstock, or Jordan draining a fade away jumper from 15 feet, there’s something special about watching the best of the best do their thing.

This short film by Stefan Jose is a gem. Artisan Press is a small company based in the East Coast oasis of Byron Bay in NSW. Wayne Davis is an absolute wizard on the printing press, and goes about his work with the same ‘certain something’ that the aforementioned legends all possessed. We haven’t seen someone get this excited about business cards since Patrick Bateman, but Wayne is a far better bloke than Patrick…