Take A Solid Stance In Your Workplace

We’ve all heard horror stories about being chained to your traditional office chair 9 to 5. The list of the detrimental effects associated with sitting for long periods of time is massive. Strained necks, sore shoulders and backs, and foggy brains are just the beginning. Fluidstance is the latest product to be used in conjunction with a stand-up desk to combat long periods of sitting and keep you lively during office hours.

By creating constant movement below your feet with the Fluidstance deck, you are involuntarily increasing your range of motion and heart rate. In turn, this small amount of movement will keep your mind and muscles working, not only improving your posture but your overall wellbeing too.

The Fluidstance Deck is made entirely in the U.S of A. The base is created with die-cast recycled aluminium. The top deck is composed of half inch of hard wood maple laminate.

Fluidstance – Starting at $289USD

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