Land Rover’s Luxury Hunter

Fancy yourself a connoisseur of luxury SUV’s? How about hunting? Well Land Rover and gunmaker Holland & Holland have something in store for you.

Teaming with the historic, British gunmakers Holland & Holland, Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division have just released the first images of the new elegantly customised, limited run of SUV’s.

Starting with Range Rovers’ Autobiography Black model, the iconic gunsmiths have made little changes to the SUV’s exterior. However it’s the interior that will speak to luxury enthusiasts. The high-end ride features spacious, sculpted tan premium leather seat, electric tables, individual flat-screens and a walnut trim that mimics Holland & Holland’s hunting rifles.

The boot, of course, features a bespoke leather trunk used to house your vast collection of custom-made rifles (because we all have one of those, right?) enroute to your next hunting expedition…

Only 120 of the beauties are going into production, with Land Rover only putting out a mere 40 models per year. And at a touch over $330,000 it’s safe to assume that this won’t be under everyone’s tree come Christmas time. But you can assure that it will be on every hunters wishlist.