A Noble Gin from Young Henrys

Gin is a truly marvelous thing. Whether drinking it straight, with lemon and soda or mixed into a cocktail, there is a secret gin fanatic inside all of us. Maybe all you need to unlock it is a new drop made by your favourite craft brewers.

The Young Henrys Noble Cut is a brewer’s gin, blending techniques and flavours from both brewing and distillation. Just like their beer, the base of the gin is 100% grain with no additives, adjuncts or agents. It features all the classical botanical characters like juniper, coriander, orange peel, cassia bark, liquorice root and angelica root. But they have added locally grown enigma hops to give a mineral complexity you’d expect to find in a fine white wine.

The team put an emphasis on being locals, which is why the Noble Cut is made with as many local ingredients as possible and delivers a highly aromatic, highly complex and altogether unique take on the London Dry style of gin.

The Young Henry’s Noble Cut Gin retails for $75 and is available online here, as well as bottleshops around Sydney.

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