Alacran Tequila: Pure Flavor Without the Sting

Alacran is the young tequila brand sweeping bars and clubs all over the USA. The liquor’s smooth finish and full-flavor make it just as enjoyable over ice as it is straight from a shot glass or mixed in a cocktail.

Autentico Alacran Tequila company was founded in 2010 in Mexico City and launched into the US in 2011. Since then it has grown rapidly by targeting agave connoisseurs craving a fresh new taste. The premium tequila has a pure and distinct flavor without the sting that follows cheaper drops.

You can’t miss the bottle as it features sleek branding with a matte finish and bold design, helping it stand out from its many competitors. Not surprisingly, Alacran Tequila has been the drink of choice at fashion shows, parties, and celebrity events all over the world.

You can pick up a bottle for $42.00 USD