Alaskan Rocks Vodka Speaks for Itself

Alaskan Rock Vodka is a Sydney based artisan vodka, handcrafted by the award-winning distillers at Lake Distillery in Tasmania. The company relies on the Latin term, “Res ipsa loquitur,” or, “The thing itself speaks”.

Where most vodka is created using wheat, rye, corn, potato or even plain sugar – Alaskan Rock has been created using malted-barley. This equates to a smoother finish and a crisp, neutral spirit flavour that’s ideal for sipping.

It’s a small batch vodka with only 2800 bottle produced in the first release and the almost 2kg bottles are not designed for mass production or consumption. Thanks to Alaskan Rock’s appreciation of art and design you’ll struggle to find two bottles the same, as each is its own work of art and designed to be the hero in any quality liquor cabinet or high-end bar.