Arctican A Tinny Lover’s Delight

Corkcicle, the icy beverage innovators, respect the fact that most (not all) beer tastes best when it’s stone cold. With that in mind (and just in time for summer), Corkcicle have dropped a can-cooler that will keep your VB’s deliciously chilly even in the blazing Australian sun.

This all sounds way too good to be true. Icy cold cans for three hours under the harsh Australian sun…

The secret to the success of the Corkcicle’s Arctican Cooler is two separate elements. The first is the two layers of vacuum-insulated stainless steel that houses the can. This keeps the cold in and the heat out. The second is the clever screw-in cooling core, which is filled with a freezing gel.  The core lives in the freezer until you’re ready to head outside, then simply screws into the bottom of the cooler.

According to Corkcicle, the Arctican will keep your can at a steady 5 degrees for an astonishing 3hrs in the sun.

Corkcicle Arctican $19.95 USD