Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer-Holder

Modern men are becoming increasingly aware of alternatives to the grooming products that they were using in their teens and spreading their washing habit wings. And as they grow up, some companies are recognising their customers are changing and releasing new products to cater to their modern consumers. Some companies are even offering entirely new products…

Developed by the Carlsberg Laboratories, the Danish company known for their beer has released a new range of beauty products for men inspired by their world famous lager. Featuring lush ingredients found in their beer such as barley, hops and yeast, each product has a healthy dose of Vitamin B and Silicium, both of which have beautifying properties for both hair and skin.

The trio of refreshing bath time goodies consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a body lotion, each coming in 250ml bottles. It makes a great gift set for men who love their lager as each bottle contain half a litre of freeze-dried Carlsberg’s famous beer. The company’s brewmaster Erik Lund says that the beer is first freeze-dried into a powder before being blended with the organic elements to create a unique range of products unlike anything on the market.

The limited edition beauty range from Carlsberg will be available via here and remember to shower and groom responsibly.