Top 5 Kickstarter Projects: July

Fancy flicking through stunning photos of an abandoned sugar factory that was once the largest in the world? Or how about helping under-privileged kids go to school by simply buying a t-shirt? All that and more in The Great Manifest’s top 5 Kickstarter projects of July.

1. yeair! Quadcopter

Dubbed the ‘quadcopter of the future’, the yeair! is a state-of-the-art aerial machine that will bring out the 10 year old boy in all of us. Believe it or not, there are plenty of uses for unmanned quadcopters particularly in motion pictures, transport, sports and documentary filmmaking. The yeair! has a total air time of 60 minutes, a top speed of 100km/hr and a pay load of up to 5kg. With the initial Kickstarter funding goal of 70,000 euros surpassed in the first 8 days, it looks as if plenty of people can’t wait to see this project come to fruition. They’re now striving toward their first ‘open source’ stretch goal of 150,000 euros to allow external developers to offer input and inspiration. Once launched, one unit will set you back 1399 euros.

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yeair Quadrocopter drone










2. World’s Softest Tee

If there’s one rule in fashion that will surely never let you down it’s that you can’t go wrong by keeping it simple. Unlike flared jeans, printed tees and cargo pants, the simple plain tee will never go out of fashion so it’s time you stock up. And in doing so, why not help an under privileged kid attend school? UNIFORM is a clothing line on a mission and with each purchase you can provide a school uniform to a child who would otherwise not attend school. They’ve also enlisted the use of Africa’s first fair-trade factory by employing working Mothers to ensure all products are ethically made. You can pick up a super soft tee and support the cause with a $10 contribution.

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3. Gramovox Floating Vertical Record Player

The vinyl renaissance charges on with an increasing number of artists releasing their music on the storied platform along with the regular digital formats and hardcopy CDs. The high-performance vertical turntable with full-range stereo speakers plays records vertically through built-in, dynamic stereo speakers or via RCA line out. With the record on ultimate display, the floating record player effectively turns your collection into a mantelpiece to sit proudly in the middle of the living room, blasting your favourite tunes. Gramovox has reimagined turntable technology that uses audiophile-grade materials and components, and the result is a visually beautiful and mechanically sound way to experience vinyl music.

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Floating record vertical turntable












4. Sweet Ruin: The Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery photography book

While the abandoned (and now demolished) Domino Sugar Refinery may not be familiar to many people outside the United States, one look at the amazing photos captured by Paul Raphaelson will make this photography book an essential addition to the coffee table. This Brooklyn icon was the biggest sugar factory in the world for much of the last 150 years and Raphaelson was the last photographer given access to the site before its demolition.

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5. New York City Subway Poster

As synonymous with the Big Apple as yellow taxis and the Yankees, New York City’s subway features an unmistakable signage system. The project’s creators, Hamish and Alex, are NYC locals and have combined their love of the city with their love of posters by producing a stunningly well-crafted poster that features all stations in alphabetic order. Their fascination with the iconic signage deepened during The Standards Manual campaign, a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that explored the origins of graphic design standards for the NYC subway system. While the signs have changed from the original 1970 Unimark designs, they still remain close to the original intent of Bob Noord and Massimo Vignelli. And as Hamish and Alex suggest, their staying power is a testament to the simplicity and elegance of the design.

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