Put a Trainer in Your Ear

The hardest thing about working out can be finding the motivation. If you can’t afford a trainer every day falling into a pattern of putting off your daily routine can become very easy. Luckily you can have your own personal trainer in your ear thanks to the Jabra Sport Coach Headphones.

The wireless sports earbuds will help you plan, track and analyse your indoor workout. You can choose from more than 40 exercises ranging from beginner to advanced with the integrated cross training app. The personalised in-ear coaching will continue as you workout, using time or repetition-based training all while playing your favourite tunes.

You can also combine your cross training with running, and the integrated TrackFit™ motion sensor will measure distance, pace, steps, cadence and calories burned. This unique motion sensor captures detailed activity and performance data for the Jabra Sport Life app, helping you train at the right intensity.

The Jabra Sport Coach doesn’t compromise on the sound quality either. Dolby™ sound enhancement brings out the true depth and clarity of your digital music, even when listening to YouTube tracks, all without wires getting in your way, allowing you to focus 100% on your workout.

The Jabra Sport Coach is available in blue, yellow and red.