A Taste of Bollywood

Backyard cooking has evolved from the humble fire to the kettle barbecue to the modern day smoker. Well now the backyard takes another step in turning your backyard into a fully fledged kitchen, with the Bollyhood Tandoor & Pizza Oven giving your latest culinary creations an authentic Eastern and Middle-Eastern flair.

Designed by Cameron Williams Pottery for Robert Plumb, the Bollyhood Tandoor & Pizza Oven is the perfect blend of contemporary design and modern construction. Using the same design principles of the traditional tandoor, this handcrafted and highly versatile oven employs a style of cooking that has been practised for over 5,000 years.

Reaching temperatures of almost 400 degrees, the model has been modernised by adding a pizza hood and stone, metal skewers and a tagine to ensure you have all you need to create delicious charcoal and wood fired dishes in your own backyard. 

The Bollyhood Tandoor & Pizza Oven is Australian made and retails for $2,800.