Heavy Duty Table Tennis Table Is Something To Behold

Railyard Studios has reinvented the humble Ping Pong table into a thing of beauty, using pieces of a rail network that are over 100 years old to craft one of the finest tables you’ll ever see. No longer will the billiard table be the main centrepiece in a man’s cave.

The Click Clack Table Tennis Table is a unique custom design from Robert Hendrick. It’s regulation size but unlike any other standard table, boasting reclaimed rail line from the Tennessee Coal & Iron Company.

The legs made from untreated oak and hickory railroad cross ties, while the side rails were produced in 1904 by the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company. The “net” (if you can even call it that) is a piece of rail salvaged from the early 1940s and has a visible engine burn on the topside.
It may not help your game, but it’ll certainly add a conversation starter to your next dude’s night.


click-clack-teniis-table-custom-table5 click-clack-teniis-table-custom-table1 table-tennis-custom-ping-pong-table-rail-yard-studios-nashville