The Wooly Mammoth Lives On

Take your cooking back in time with kitchen knives forged in the Ice Age, complete with handles hewn from genuine Mammoth bone.

These beautiful Santoku knives from Santa Fe Stoneworks are made with high-quality Damascus steel. The real selling point, though, is in the actual handles. They’re made from the bone of Wooly Mammoths that lived around 15,000 years ago. And if that’s not enough, Santa Fe Stoneworks ensure us that the coloration and cut of each bone guarantees each handle will have its own unique look and pattern.

Santoku knives are prized by Japanese chefs for their harmonious balance of width and weight. Not only a pleasure to wield, these knives are exceptionally efficient in the kitchen as well.

The knives are available through our good mates at Huckberry and in a variety of sizes.
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