Instructional Video: How To Ride Bitch

It’s one of those things that you alway wonder, yet never want to ask… According to this groovy instructional video, not only can you preserve your street cred whilst “riding bitch” with your mate. But it might also do you some favours with the dames too. Its a win win.

A throwback poke at 1960’s instructional videos… a time where things were just a little bit macho and a lot more ridiculous.

Featuring the Honda CT110, the classic Australian ‘postie’.

Directors // Alex Vivian, Cris Balmaceda
Producer // Stephanie Fuller
Cinematographer // Josh Flavell
Edit&colour // Alex Vivian
Costume // Tiana Wallace
Hair&makeup // Michelle Louise
Stallions // Sean Keenan, Simon Carr
Dames // Ashleigh Wesseling, Hannah Varland