Style on the Throttle

Your motorcycle gear should inspire a sense of style, without sacrificing your safety. This is the thought of the New York glove company Grifter, who are making motorcycle gloves that blend street styling confidence with vintage bravura.

The Kuro Ranger is Grifter’s Spring/Summer version of the Onyx Ranger. This glove is short wrist Cone Mills Selvedge Black Denim and Ultra Soft Deer Hide. This glove features snaps so you can connect the two gloves as well as attach them to your helmet, if you wear one.

These gloves wear in like a classic pair of jeans with the added protection of deerskin. Get them while they last, this will be a limited run glove. Like all of their gloves, the Onyx Ranger is made in the USA.

Grifter Kuro Ranger RRP: $79