BMW Owns Scrambler Space With Path 22 Concept Bike

The Concept Path 22 is BMW’s first interpretation of a scrambler. The result is a masterpiece combining the love of custom bikes, surfing and art in one sensational looking bike.

Scramblers began back in the 1950s as modified road machines built to suit the lifestyle of your choice. They’re typified by deep-treaded tyres, somewhat increased spring travel and a raised exhaust for off-road riding. The BMW Concept Path 22 was unveiled at Wheels & Waves Festival on the south coast of France earlier this week, and represents an opportunity for the storied brand to express their own interpretation of freedom and individuality.

The Concept Path 22 features a powerful two-cylinder boxer engine with cardan drive – typical of BMW builds. The classic circular headlamp, the fuel tank and a short seat ensure clear, agile proportions. Typical scrambler features such as studded tyres, a large front wheel, slightly extended spring travel and the raised exhaust mean the bike moves effortlessly over gravel and sand. These elements also create a striking appearance, instantly suggesting the kind of experience the BMW Concept Path 22 is able to offer.

The obvious feature of this bike is the surfboard holder on the right hand side, which has been specially developed by BMW Motorrad. Interestingly, the holder is made solely of machined aluminum and leather, and is as functional and high-quality as the bike itself. If the waves are flat and the board holder is rendered useless, it folds down to disappear into the bike’s silhouette or easily dismounted.


BMW body3

BMW_body 1