Deus Electric Re-Energises The ‘Postie’

Fancy the fuel efficiency and freedom of a “Postie” bike but aren’t prepared to have your masculinity questioned in the process? Deus has the perfect bike for you. The long time connoisseurs of shit-hot bikes have unveiled the latest masterpiece: the Deus Electric.

Taking home the top honours in the brand’s Sydney Bike Build-Off earlier in the year, The creators, Joe Fisher and Ryan Mischkulnig, started off with a Honda C90 Cub but quickly stripped everything away. The Deus Electric features an electric motor and battery from the Stealth H-52 Hurricane. Copper tubing was skillfully used to define the lines of a re-imagined mini cafe racer, and the result is fantastic. The paint job is fresh and the blacked-out wheels make for one sensational looking bike. We want one.

You can check out the Deus Electric and other bikes from the build-off here.

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