Toyota’s All-Terrain Mini-Van

Toyota isn’t exactly known for its creative flair. Corollas, Landcruisers and Prius Hyrids from the world’s largest and most profitable car manufacturer fill our streets and rarely turn heads or garner attention. However, Toyota’s latest creation, celebrating the opening of their North American HQ in Texas, is unadulterated awesomeness and gives us a taste of what they’re capable of.

The Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle (TUUV) is a splendid combination of the family-friendly Sienna and the “built for action” Tacoma. Basically, they’ve militarised a people-mover and placed it on on the chassis of a rugged pickup. It features a matte-finish, bead-locking wheels, upgraded suspension and a winch-bearing bumper for the inevitable vehicle rescue.

All we’ve heard from Toyota is that it’s part of a promotional cross-country drive so there’s no news of its availability to the public. Don’t expect to see this dream machine rolling out on the production line anytime soon, though. All indications suggest it’s merely a concept vehicle to help the automotive giant puff its chest for a little while. Saying that, we’ll find out more when they release further details at the SEMA auto parts show in October.