Tune Out On Two Wheels

There’s no reason you should miss out on your favourite tunes when you hit the road on two wheels. There’s even less reason to put up with poor sound quality. With Interphone’s latest release, the Fbeat, the only poor sound quality you’ll have to put up with is the relentless nagging from your better half as they try to convince you to park the bike and come home.

The Fbeat features sound quality that rivals even the best stereo headphones. It’s not just about the music, either.  The tech-heads at Interphone know too well the need for riders to stay connected so the Fbeat features an advanced speaker and microphone. The superior sound system makes phone conversations as clear and crisp as the early morning fog you’re blitzing through. So now you can talk for hours to anyone who will listen.

Interphone Fbeat RRP: $149.95

For more in information and a list of stockists check out www.ficeda.com.au