Music in Your Ears

Rather than just improving how you listen to music, Aivvy have decided to reinvent the whole experience with Aivvy Q — the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) smart headphones, featuring over 40 million songs streamed directly to your ears.

Aivvy Q is an all-in-one device inside a set of headphones that deliver a personalised steam of quality tunes directly to you. The sleekly designed headphones cut the need for music playing devices, tangled cables and unreliable wireless connections by connecting to the Aivvy Cloud, their own dedicated steaming service that delivers high quality music tracks. Personalization occurs in the background as the wearer uses the ear-cup-mounted controls to bookmark the music recommendations they like and skip the ones they don’t, similar to Spotify or Pandora.  According to the company, the recommendation engine also makes note of where and when a song is favorited.

And if you’re disconnected from the internet you’ll still have access to your favourite songs thanks to the 32GB built-in storage for offline caching of bookmarked and recommended songs, as well as the option for uploading your own tracks via USB. Finally, they can be used like any other ordinary pair of headphones when connected to an external device via the included audio cable.

You can pre-order your Aivvy Q in white, black or brown for $299 here, with the final product scheduled to be delivered in October this year.

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