The Alpaca Guitar Sings in the Outdoors

The Alpaca guitar is the go-anywhere traveller’s guitar. Made with carbon-fibre to make it water proof and basically indestructible, it is the ultimate campfire guitar so you can leave your trusty semi-acoustic at home – out of harm’s way.

The Good

The Alpaca guitar has a great action and a super comfortable playing position, particularly when you use it with the Paracord strap. We thought it would sound quite ‘tinny’ with the carbon-fibre build and while it doesn’t resonate like a wooden acoustic, the sound is surprisingly robust for its compact size and shape. Another cool feature is the acoustic hole provides added storage for the intrepid traveller. It’s not covered by the strings so you can easily fill the inside of the Alpaca with extra clothes or gear that doesn’t quite fit in your bag. Brilliant.

The Bad

The Alpaca goes out of tune quite easily, particularly after the strings began to wear out. We suggest investing in a quality set of strings to help you maintain a better sound for longer. Also, the neck is quite thick so if you play with a capo often you might find this slightly annoying as standard capos just don’t fit.

The Bottom Line

For what it is, the Alpaca is on the money: a cool new design, great sound, super playable with a full fret range, lightweight and incredibly tough thanks to the carbon-fibre build. It truly is a guitar for the outdoor adventurist. It won’t be replacing your regular acoustic guitar at home but if you need something portable and durable for the camping trip or even the office then we’d highly recommend checking out the Alpaca.


A Little Extra

It’s often said that the testament to a good guitar is if when you play it for the first time, you easily find a new sound, riff, solo or a nice chord sequence that you haven’t played before.  In our experience we found this was the case – the unique shape and feel meant we had we had a blast exploring and creating new sounds.

The Alpaca guitar is one of the most unique designs for a guitar we’ve seen for quite some time. The main difference you’ll notice is the absence of the tuning head. The reason for this is that the tuning head was identified as the weakest part of the guitar so they decided to flip it and put the tuning keys at the base of the guitar, making it much less fragile and ready for the outdoors.

The whole idea of the Alpaca is it’s a ‘go anywhere’ guitar that’s fully waterproof. This is a great idea but we doubt the strings will stand up to the elements if you’re continually going in and out of water with it, so don’t go too crazy.

Each Alpaca guitar is made to order, meaning you can expect to wait a few months from when you place your order to when it actually arrives, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on gifting it to someone.