REVIEW: Suunto Core – A Watch For The Wildlings

The Suunto Core All Black has been developed for anyone that thrives on the great outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, surfing, skiing, snorkelling or camping, the Core provides keen outdoorsmen with the information required to get the most out of their wildest adventures.

The Good

Solidly built, the Suunto Core All Black watch has been designed with rugged use in mind. Weighing in at 64 grams, it has a thick, soft rubber strap and feels well and truly at home on the wrist.

The Suunto Core comes equipped with more practical functions than most smartwatches. Once properly set up, this watch has all the required instruments and metering devices to keep you safe and sound. Throughout our testing, we found that the altimeter barometer, compass, sunrise/sunset functions work exceptionally. The Core also features a storm warning function, however, unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to see this feature in full-swing.

The Core range doesn’t include GPS technology for tracking routes, speed and distance like some of the other watches in Suunto’s arsenal, but this isn’t necessarily a negative. Without GPS, battery life is astronomically better than other GPS-burdened watches. Suunto’s Ambit3 multi-sport (GPS enabled) watch has a 30-hour battery life, whereas the Suunto Core has (from what we could gather) a minimum of 6 month worth of battery life.

The Bad

The Suunto Core All Black doesn’t have any labelling on any of the five buttons on the watch body. This meant it took us some trial and error when it came to mastering the navigation of the watches settings and functions. It’s worth mentioning that there are about 15 other watches within Suunto’s Core range and most of them feature labels.

The Suunto Core does require some fairly extensive setting up. Time/Date, language and sunrise settings are fairly basic, but then the altitude reference, declination and a bunch of other personal preference settings can be a burden. If you don’t stick to the setup guide you could easily run the risk of some very incorrect readings. In the city, this might not be the biggest issue, as we’ve all got access to the Internet, but if you relying on your watch in the wilderness, you don’t want to be going off bad readings.

We also found that the temperature gauge isn’t accurate unless you take the watch off and leave it in the open air.

The Bottom Line

This is a great watch for people who spend alot of time in the outdoors and take it very seriously. The Suunto Core is a fantastic watch that feels great on the wrist and offers all the information that you could need when hitting the trails. Given it has been configured correctly, the altimeter, barometer and compass are all very accurate and very practical in a wide range of applications.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is also the same watch that Denzel Washington wore in the movie “The Equalizer“. ‘Nuff said.

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