The Ultimate Camera & Hiking Combo Pack From Manfrotto


The Good

The new Manfrotto Off Road Hiker 30L has been specifically designed for those that combine hiking with photography, with quick side-access to your camera and ample room for packing snacks, water and anything else that you need for a day out in the wilderness.

The Off Road Hiker backpack has the ability to comfortably carry a professional grade DSLR with a lens up to 70-200mm and one spare lens. Thanks to the clever design the internal Manfrotto camera protection system, it can actually be removed from the pack all together to allow you to use the bag purely as a hiking pack.

The bag also has a high focus on ergonomics and accessibility with innovative camera strap featured on the front of the backpack enables the camera to be kept securely fastened to the chest when it’s being carried, avoiding neck strain. You also have quick access to your camera at all times even when its packed away via the side pocket. The back section and straps are constructed with a breathable foam/mesh combo which drastically reduces sweating, especially in the more labor intensive sections of your hikes or walks.

The Bad

This bag is almost flawless except for two minor details. The Off Road Hiker pack includes four elastic cords (two top and bottom) for securing walking sticks or tripods.  For a decent tripod with a bit of weight to it. These cords will not suffice. Thankfully you can rig up the bags existing side compression straps to secure your tripod.

The for a bag designed for use out in the wilderness, we found the colour schemes a little over the top and aside from the green pack, they are likely to scare off wildlife at a five hundred metre radius.

The Bottom Line

For anyone who fits snugly into the hiking photographer category this bag is for you.  The functionality of the Off Road Hiker bag caters perfectly for this specific crowd and will be a worthy asset to any outdoor snapper.