Solid State Compact Cologne for Men

Making a good first impression could make or break future friendships, business deals and relationships. Solid State is a collection of men’s care products for the urban voyager and their range of colognes create a serious allure of addiction. Get yours now.

Solid State colognes are made from locally-sourced natural ingredients that help moisturise and nourish your skin. And they’re packaged in compact tins so you can maintain your chosen scent throughout the day, where ever you are.

There are currently three variants in the range, all designed with specific ‘addictive’ scents in mind. Most outrageous is probably the Voyager which is designed for high-flying party-goers with its inspiration stemming from ‘Columbian Marching Powder’. The Wayfarer has top notes of tobacco leaf, tonka bean, vanilla and cacao to evoke the smell of old time smoking bars. And last, but not least, the Journeyman is a sports fragrance with a moss and wood base complete with elements of warm musk to highlight your natural testosterone.