Pen & Pistol Artisan Wallets

Pen & Pistol – a boutique leather-goods brand emerging out of NYC – produce handmade wallets that leave stick it to the major brands behind with their superior style, quality and genuine character.

It’s certainly not your standard brand story, but it’s definitely worth telling. The idea for Pen & Pistol was originally spawned behind bars when founder, Ralphy Dominguez, landed in federal prison.  It was there that he enrolled in a leather-works class in the hopes of upskilling himself for the outside world. Realizing he’d found his true passion for artisan craft, Ralphy began drawing his own designs upon release, determined to turn his life around.

Living by Dumas’ famous line from The Count of Monte Cristo, “fear a man with a pen and a sheet of paper, than any with a sword or pistol,” Pen & Pistol was born.

Ralphy has teamed up with fellow Refoundry participant, Walter Escobar, and together they are producing some of the finest wallets you’ll ever find.

Pen & Pistol’s story is just as good as the wallets they produce. And it gets even better when you meet the duo behind it (you can find them spruiking their wares at the Brooklyn Flea Markets most weekends, along with a few other places around NYC). So if you’re ever in need of a wallet with true character and want to help a boutique business grow, then keep an eye out for Pen & Pistol. You won’t regret it.