Sunglasses for Explorers

Action specs are great at keeping wind and debris out of your eyes through fast-paced sports and lifestyles, but often don’t look the part in the city. Enter the Explorer sunglasses from Aether and SALT., a new style designed for the urban as well as outdoor traveller.

Born from a collaboration between AETHER and Southern California-based luxury eyewear brand SALT., the Explorer is designed for the male or female drawn to adventure. Created with the motorcycle rider in mind but sleek enough to be worn in the city, the slightly square frame boasts lightweight, beta-titanium frames with nearly unbreakable temples that are flexible enough to be easily taken on and off while wearing a helmet.

To maximize visibility, the Explorer features windshields and an extended frame-top, reducing wind flow and peripheral sunlight by more than 80 percent, while strategically sized holes in the windshields ensure peripheral vision is not obstructed. The lenses are designed to block glare and also darken to suit light conditions. The inner lenses also have a polarized filter and mirror coating that increases glare blockage.

The Explorer Sunglasses are available for $600 through their website in a range of colours.Aether-Explorer-Sunglasses-740x642 618_348_aether-sunglasses 15-005_SALT_Aether15391 4881589_salt-optics-x-aether-apparel-explorer-sunglasses_t1ddc1875