Wallet-Free is the Way to Be

Are you one of those people that always loses something when you go out for a couple of drinks? Bellroy’s new iPhone 6 case allows you to leave home wallet-free and still carry the necessary cards to keep you out of trouble. GENIUS!

Constructed with a combination of a flexible polycarbonate and full-grain leather, the Bellroy iPhone 6 cases are slim and stylish to the core. With the option for 1 card and 3 card cases coming in a plethora of vegetable-tanned colour options, these cases are set to change the we carry our essentials.

The Bellroy phone cases are perfect for carrying bus/train passes, bank cards and even a little emergency cash.

Side Note: The Bellroy 1 card phone case is also compatible with Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket that we reviewed previously on The Great Manifest, so you can still carry your entire kit in one tidy package when required.