Choose Your Own Destiny

No MMO is perfect on day one, but with all the hype and excitment surrounding the release of Destiny we couldn’t resist diving into the expansive world from the creators of the Halo series. Playing along side with your friends in a massive world seems like reason enough to pick it now, but is the online experience worth your money?

The Good

From the first second after setting down in Destiny you will be taken aback at the huge, beautiful potential of the space: wide open plains, completely accessible to explore and play in. From the desolation of a futuristic Earth to the jungles of Venus, every inch of the world looks, sounds and feels like a high quality game like this should.

The controls feel great and the random, open world events always add an exciting element to your gameplay. Traversing and fighting your way through these diverse landscapes with your friends separates this game from other First Person Shooters.

The Bad

However, every aspect that makes this game great is also its downfall. The landscapes of the planets differ hugely, but the enemies and weapons all feel similar to one another and simple. Your potential to explore is seemingly endless, but the missions become repetitive in nature. And while you are able to play online with friends, the developers have not yet made it possible to chat quickly in game, almost instantly taking out a huge social aspect of online gaming. Plus the need to constantly be online to play is going to cause issues with connectivity.

The Bottom Line

It would almost be unfair to judge Destiny now seeing as online games like this will change as developers recognise flaws. But until the changes are made Destiny doesn’t feel like the whole game that it could, and I’m positive will be.

A Little Extra

In Destiny, you are cast as a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to explore the ancient ruins of our solar system in a social, living universe filled with other players. Over the course of your adventures you will become more powerful as you wield rare and exotic weapons, gear, and super abilities. In addition to the story campaign, you can take your unique character into any co-operative or competitive activity.