Play Like the Pros with Logitech

Most people wouldn’t consider a computer’s mouse to be the flashiest or defining element of your setup. But for a gamer, the right mouse can be the difference between winning big and falling short.

The Good

With a comfortable shape, textured grips and 11 big, programmable buttons, the Logitech G502 has a great feel and performance to match. While not specialised for any specific genre, it handles all types of games with ease. It may not seem like an essential addition, but the G502 comes with 5 additional weights that you can add to the mouse, modifying the feel to your preferences. This, plus the option to adjust your button profiles and set the scroll speed, adds to the feeling of a superior gaming experience.

But you’re not always gaming when you use the mouse, so how does it hold up for day to day computing and web surfing? It is still incredibly comfortably and works on just about every surface in the house.

The Bad

There isn’t a whole lot wrong with this mouse; it hits every nail on the head. This is a mouse primarily built for gamers, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a purchase if you’re not playing video games, but anyone could easily adjust to using it.

The Bottom Line

Put bluntly, the G502 from Logitech is the mouse I wish I’d had earlier. If you’re thinking of stepping up your gaming then this is the mouse is a pretty great start. While it’s probably only passable at a tournament level, this is the best all-purpose gamer mouse on the market at the moment.

A Little Extra

Every gamer dominates differently. The Logitech® G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse is fully customizable so you can modify it to maximize your victory potential and show off your personal style and individuality.

This extremely customizable mouse combines the world’s first 12,000 DPI sensor with advanced surface and weight tuning to help you maximize the good times.

To enhance physical feel and performance, Proteus Core lets you adjust its weight and center of balance through the placement of up to five 3.6g weights in the mouse. For complete control over your game you can use Logitech Gaming Software to reassign any command or macro to one of the 11 programmable buttons thanks to the 32-bit ARM processor controlling Proteus Core’s onboard memory.