Mininch Pen Tool: 6-in-1 Screwdriver

Inspired by the mechanical Pop-a-Point pencils of our youth, the Pen Tool by Mininch is an easily loadable and changeable screwdriver. The hexagonal barrel is cut from solid aluminum and is the solution to all of your screwdriver-related needs.

The barrel holds up to 6 screwdriver bits (imperial or metric available), and each bit is marked for spec and size and 100% visible through the barrel’s length-long window. This has been done to make interchanging bits a breeze.

Pen Tool is elegantly crafted from lightweight (93g), solid aluminum that fits comfortably in your pocket with its magnet-secured cap and smooth, sandblasted surface.

Even though the Pen Tool can only hold 6 bits, it comes with 16 so that you can pack your pen with all the bits which you’re likely to need on the go.

Mininch Pen Tool $54.98