Robotic Mowing Precision

Mowing is generally wouldn’t be high on your list of weekend activities. For those more interested in spending time relaxing in the garden than straining, the Husqvana 305 Automower may be the mowing robot for you.

The 305 Automower from Husqvarna is a fully robotic mower ideally suited to smaller gardens, designed to work in lawns up to 500m2. Designed for year round mowing, this handy mowing robot will operate rain or shine when and where you want it to. You can program in specific times for when you want the Automower to begin and finish trimming the lawn all within a area you set. You can even adjust how high you want the lawn cut.

Equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for carefree mowing, the Automower cuts in random patterns which ensures a nice, even result that improves your lawn condition. And being electrically powered, the Automower produces no harmful exhaust emissions. The highly advanced battery system ensures your lawn will never end up half cut or that the mower will run out of juice mid-mow. When the battery is running low, the machine will automatically return to its charging dock for a quick power and then head back into the yard to finish the job.

The Husqvana 305 Automower retails for $1999 and is available in granite grey or polar white. The 305 is actually the smallest in the range of Automowers available from Husqvana, all of which can be seen here.