OWOW Instruments Will Certainly ‘WOW’ You

OWOW was founded when digital music producer, Pieter-Jan Pieters, was rejected from music school due to his inability to read traditional sheet music. So, like any good entrepreneur faced with adversity, he took action and enrolled in design school instead. Now he has produced a completely new breed of musical instruments that everyone can play, and they’re absolutely mind-blowing.

There are five instruments in total and they all basically look like the remote controls you’d use for your garage. The principle behind each one is incredibly simple yet ridiculously impressive – if you want to make a ‘wavey’ sound, all you should have to do is wave your hand above the instrument. Sounds simple enough, right? But given how impressive this project is, we’ll leave it Pieter-Jan to properly explain how it all works so check out his video below.

After 3 years in production they’ve run out of money so they’re looking to Kickstarter for support. OWOW instruments are available in two versions, depending on your budget and will transform how music is played in the future.

Hit the link for more information and to back the project.